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Quantum dots combined with antibodies as a method for studying cells in their native environment
Genetic switch regulates transcription and replication in human mitochondria
Synthesis and characterization of a hexaarylbene with six unique substitutents
Study identifies two biomarkers for lack of sleep
Anti-counterfeit polymers work like fingerprints
Study demonstrates an electronic switch based on stereoisomerism
Color-coading gene sequences in human cells
New class of monofluoro acylboronates that is stable in air and water
Synthesis and characterization of an important intermediate for biocatalysts
New mass spectrometry technique studies kinetics of fast reactions
Optically activating a cell signalling pathway using carbon nanotubes
Using DNA to assemble a protein lattice
Fine-tuning organic circuits: monolayer terminal groups and molecular junctions
Crystal studies reveal malaria’s weak spots
Inorganic nanowire follows the crystal structure of its graphene template
Simple method for selective bioconjugation of native proteins
Boron-based atomic clusters mimic rare-earth metals
Energetics of the adsorption of ethanol on calcite nanoparticles
Nanoionics: A versatile system for constructing ion-conducting channels of monolayers
Metal-organic framework with a fixed composition despite initial concentration of components
Novel catalysis used to make styrene in one step
Sodium selective DNAzyme Sensor
Experimental studies of ionic interactions near a hydrophobic surface in an aqueous environment
General principles to explain DNA brick self-assembly
Toward solid-state molecular circuitry: Molecular shuttle within a metal-organic framework
Self-replicating nanostructures made from DNA
Catalyst that converts carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide in water
New inorganic aromatic ion
Blood test for cancer biomarkers using an electrochemical clamp assay
Insight into how pharmaceutical solvents diffuse through a human nail
Substrates change nanoparticle reactivity
Radioisotope studies show the continental crust formed 3 billion years ago
Researchers provide evidence for a non-enzymatic pathway to produce paracaseolide A
Study sheds light on how amino acid side chains and peptide secondary structure change electron transport
Tip-enhanced Raman scattering can distinguish between two structurally similar adjacent molecules
Study finds the origin of ‘odd-even’ effects
Simulation studies reveal the role disulfide bonds play in protein folding
Solid-state molecular switches using redox active molecules in a porous material
Study reveals how nanochannels select potassium ions
Functional catalyst for alternative fuel source by depositing nanosheets on a flexible carbon cloth
Cyclobutane derivatives made from [2+2] cycloaddition of feedstock alkenes and an iron-based catalyst
Label-free technique that images DNA in vivo
Sculpting a conjugated polymer using DNA origami
Study of PEGylated model protein reveals porous structure based on PEG size
Covalent organic framework that has highest reported stability and can be modified for organocatalysis
Clathrin as a biotech substrate: Immobilization and functionalization
Water-solube non-peptide foldamers with tunable higher-order conformations
Trisulfur anion helps explain gold deposits on Earth
Cobalt-ligand catalyst successfully converts carboxyllic acids and esters into alcohols
Using a DNA scaffold to place molecules with Bohr’s radius resolution
Structure and configuraiton of Jurassic pigments reveal unique naturally-occurring boron metabolites
Solving the zeolite conundrum: Researchers make ‘unfeasible’ zeolites
Palladium-catalyzed C-H activation of primary amino alcohols
Functionalized porous electrode used for radioactive waste product
New study shows inhibiting copper chaperones reduces tumor cell proliferation
Organic catenane self-assembles in acidic water
Diagnostic tool using synthetic biology
New hydrogel gives clues to mechanism behind stress-stiffening-mediated mesenchymal stem cell fate
Study clarifies the role of the leaving group in gas-phase biomolecular reaction


Carbanion analogs derived from naturally-occurring aldehydes
Water-soluble gold nanoparticle supraspheres can hold 2 million guest molecules
Rotary molecular motor controls self-assembly and handedness of double-stranded helicates
New study shows why heme-copper oxidases prefer copper over iron
Super-dry reforming of methane intensifies CO2 utilization via Le Chatelier’s principle
Terahertz echoes reveal the inhomogeneity of aqueous salt solutions
Carbon-carbon bond formation at selective aliphatic carbon sites
Targeted drug delivery through the traceless release of tertiary and heteroaryl amines from antibody–drug conjugates
Complete prevention of blood loss with self-sealing haemostatic needles
Ballbot-type motion of N-heterocyclic carbenes on gold surfaces
Direct observation of light-driven, concerted electron–proton transfer
Mechanically interlocked daisy chain-like structures as multidimensional molecular muscles
Regioselective hydroarylation of alkynes to make ortho-, para-, and meta-products
Click and declick of amine and thiol coupling reaction
Study of PEGylated model protein reveals porous structure based on PEG size
New CCCC pentadentate chelates with properties for use in photothermal therapy
Fusing tetrapyrroles to graphene edges by surface-assisted covalent coupling
Surface patterning of nanoparticles with polymer patches
Study reveals how nanochannels select potassium ions
Isolation and structural and electronic characterization of salts of the decamethylferrocene dication
Mechanism of hard-nanomaterial clearance by the liver
Benzazetidine synthesis via palladium-catalyzed intramolecular C-H amination
Water-soluble cavitands promote hydrolyses of long-chain diesters
MIDA boronates react via two different mechanisms
The dipolar endofullerene HF@C60
Directionally tunable and mechanically deformable ferroelectric crystals from rotating polar globular ionic molecules
Withdrawing Versus Withholding Freedoms: Nudging and the Case of Tobacco Control
Promises and challenges of nanomaterials for lithium-based rechargeable batteries
Cytochrome p450 synthetic analogs are temperature-dependent valence tautomers
New xenon oxides may provide clues to missing xenon paradox
Enantiomer excesses of rare and common sugar derivatives in carbonaceous meteorites
Safe and generalizable catalyst for carbon-olefin metathesis reaction
New biomarker for heart disease using atomic force microscopy
A pH-activatable nanoparticle with signal-amplification capabilities for non-invasive imaging of tumour malignancy
Sequence defined bioactive macrocycles via an acid-catalysed cascade reaction
Promoting solution phase discharge in Li-O2 batteries containing weakly solvating electrolyte solutions
Iron(III)-catalysed carbonyl-olefin metathesis
Counting on natural products for drug design
Turning gold nanoparticle catalyzed carbon monoxide PROX reaction to purify hydrogen gas
A new Diels-Alder reaction
The role of metal-organic frameworks in a carbon-neutral energy cycle
New two-dimensional ‘borophene’ sheet
Moral judgment across cultures
Universal dependence of hydrogen oxidation and evolution reaction activity
Removing interchelated water from nitrogen-doped graphene-oxide sheets
Hydroxyl radicals speed up zeolite formation
Synthesis of a distinct water dimer inside Fullerene C70
Selective Deposition and Stable Encapsulation of Lithium through Heterogeneous Seeded Growth
Intensification of phosphorus cycling in China since the 1600s
Catalytic reversible alkene-nitrile interconversion through controllable transfer hydrocyanation
Iterative reactions of transient boronic acids enable sequential C-C bond formation
A penta-nuclear iron catalyst
Fetal Risk, Relative Risk, and Relatives’ Risk
Integrated nanotechnology platform for tumor-targeted multimodal imaging and therapeutic cargo release
How particles pack in a confined space
Songbirds use spectral shape, not pitch, for sound pattern recognition
Criteria to predict experimentally stable allotropes


Periodically-patterned hydrogels: a model for cooperative deformation
Delignification of wood samples using p-toluenesulfonic acid as a recyclable hydrotrope
Code for fine-tuning elastomers to mimic biological materials
Covalent post-assembly modification cascade of self-assembled supramolecular structures
Synthesis and characterization of encapsulated single HF molecule
Making acid chloride precursors using shuttle catalysis
Self-replicating nanostructures made from DNA
Researchers isolate hydrogen fluoride and water to understand acid dissolution
Transition-metal free carbon-carbon bond-forming reaction: vinylation of azaallyls
Toward a better understanding of structure-metabolism relationships in human aldehyde oxidase (Update)
Quantitative study of aldehyde content in electronic cigarettes
Continuous breathing metal-organic framework with guest selectivity
The ethics of recruiting study participants on social media
Water dimer captured inside a fullerene-C70
Nanoparticle colloid systems in molten inorganic salts
Pentanuclear iron catalyst oxidizes water
B3NO2 ring system serves as a versatile catalyst for amide bond formation
Synthesis and characterization of the pentazolate anion cyclo-N5ˉ in (N5)6(H3O)3(NH4)4Cl
Tunable Surface Properties of Temperature-Responsive Polymer-Modified Liposomes Induce Faster Cellular Uptake
Fluorescent probe seeks out pancreatic cancer cells in mice
Study shows that nanoparticles serve as a good tumor deoxygenation agent
Activation and discovery of earth-abundant metal catalysts using sodium tert-butoxide
The ethics of tracking athletes’ biometric data
Amino acids formed from the single-electron activation of carbon dioxide
New research explains hydrophobicity