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Fetal Tissue Research

Is research with fetal tissue ethical? Is it even necessary when there’s more modern alternatives like organoids and induced pluripotent stem cells?

See the report. Listen to my interview on the Bioethics Podcast.

Why Was "The Twitching Generation" So Popular on Bioethics.com?

See my Intersections article on TikTok Tics and the Pandemic.

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Creative Worlds

My background in chemistry and bioethics gives me a unique perspective on science, technology, and medicine and has influenced both my non-fiction and fiction projects.

Scientists have a precise language, and each field of science has its dialect. Bioethics, on the other hand, is multidisciplinary and requires clear, unambiguous language for a broad audience. I often serve as a translator, converting from one writing style and way of thinking to another.

I love bringing an idea to life with word pictures and stories or walking with the reader as we learn something new together.

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