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Salvo Magazine

Latest Biohazards Column : “Mindless Attempts” in Issue 52–cerebral organoids and whether they can ever become “brains-in-a-dish” (by subscription only)

Mind Matters

April 23, 2020: “COVID-19: Getting to the Bottom of What Happened in China”–What we know and still don’t know about the early days of the coronavirus outbreak and the current number of cases in China.

April 6, 2020: “The Dragon’s Deception: Conspiracy Theories and False Numbers”–China’s global attempt to rewrite the history of the coronavirus (Covid-19) is running up against incriminating evidence.

March 19, 2020: “China: Rewriting the History of Covid-19”–How is China rewriting the narrative around Covid-19?

The New Atlantis

Spring 2019 Issue: “Our Uneasy Tranquility”–American’s use of anti-anxiety medication has skyrocketed. Should we be worried?

TCU Endeavors (TCU’s medical school magazine)

Spring 2020 Issue: “Stopping the Flu Virus”–A profile of professor Hana Dobrovolny and her work modeling the flu virus

March 23, 2020: “Coronavirus: Explanations and Ethical Issues”–How does a virus work and what bioethical issues should we consider during the pandemic?

PhysOrg & Medical Xpress

Over 100 articles from 2015 to 2017.



The Stream


Christian Research Journal

Relevant Magazine

Trinity International University Bioethics Blog (2011-2012)