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“Coronavirus Vaccine Ethics” December 8, 2020 (Updated March 30, 2021)

Are the coronavirus vaccines safe? What’s the difference between mRNA and adenovirus vaccines? Are vaccine passports ethical? My article on Covid-19 vaccine ethics.

Mind Matters News

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Salvo Magazine

The Sick & the Tired Biohazards, Salvo Issue #59, Winter 2021

Unplanned Demography: The Grim Realities of China’s Eugenics & Population Control Biohazards, Salvo Issue #58, Fall 2021

Gone Girls: India Is Missing 13.5 Million from Sex-Selective Abortion, Casualty Report, Salvo Issue #58, Fall 2021

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Breaking Ground, a Project of Comment Magazine

At, I’ve compiled the top COVDI-19 news items since the beginning of the pandemic.

Check out December 2019, January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, April 2020, May 2020, June 2020, July 2020, August 2020, September 2020, October 2020, and November 2020.

How does a virus work and what bioethical issues should we consider during the pandemic?

March 23, 2020: “Coronavirus: Explanations and Ethical Issues”

TCU Endeavors

Spring 2021 Issue: “Turning Over a New Leaf in Energy” — Professor profile on how photosynthesis inspires solar photovoltaic cell design

Spring 2021 Issue: “Sing Like a Bird” — Professor profile on research examining how a finch singing may lead to therapies for people who struggle with language

Spring 2020 Issue: “Stopping the Flu Virus” — Professor profile on research modeling the flu virus

The New Atlantis

Spring 2019 Issue: “Our Uneasy Tranquility” — American’s use of anti-anxiety medication has skyrocketed. Should we be worried?

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